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 House rules

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PostSubject: House rules   Fri Feb 06, 2009 8:50 am

First: this is the most important rule you will have to learn.

If the GM says so, thats how it is.. however you will clearly be told when the GM bends the rules, if you see a flaw otherwise direct it to the GM so he can adjust.
This is not a rule thats here to protect favoured NPC's, nor to feel god-like. No its a rule that will only be used only in extreme situations when a silly/game ruining situation happens. Not to power game.

Spotting the sneaky rogue: While these rules wont be necesary for you to read, since all spotting & sneaking will be rolled in secret by the GM to insure that you dont know if you got spotted or not.
It might still be a good idea to know them incase you wanna be skulking around, and wanna know what your chances are.

Borrowed from the forums original creator:

Detecting Sneaking Characters (Pg. 47 of the Fallout PnP Rulebook, Version 2.0)
Sometimes, the party will have to worry about enemies and critters sneaking up on them. Each character has a base chance equal to 8 times his or her Perception to detect a sneaking enemy. Characters with 5 Perception have a 40% chance of detecting someone trying to get the drop on them.

If the sneaker is concealed in partial or semi-darkness, that chance drops to 5 times Perception. If the sneaker is in total darkness, the chance to detect a sneaking enemy drops to 2 times Perception.

The GM should ask the characters to make this roll at once, and only tell those who succeed what is going on. If no one succeeds, then the characters may realize something fishy is going on, but won’t know what that something is exactly.

Sneaking, (Pg. 48 of the Fallout PnP Rulebook, Version 2.0)
Sneaking around takes a certain amount of concentration, planning, and luck. When a character wants to sneak, he or she should announce their intentions. The Gamemaster should then roll the character's sneak skill, and re-roll every minute thereafter. The interesting thing about sneaking is that the character always thinks he or she is successful at it, whether or not they truly are successful (more accurately, the character hopes that they are successful). Only the GM knows for sure if the character is successfully keeping to the shadows. Sometimes a character will be tipped off to an unsuccessful sneak when an NPC gives them a funny look and asks them what they are doing. Things like amount of cover, light, and Perception of people or critters around the sneaker effect the chances to sneak, at the Gamemaster's discretion. Characters who are sneaking successfully get a +40% bonus to their Steal skill while sneaking, and always get to attack first in combat (and sometimes can avoid combat by getting the drop on an enemy and killing him outright). Note that a character cannot normally sneak and run at the same time. Also note that some armors will greatly reduce a character’s chances of sneaking around.

So simulate the prowess and general luck of the stealthy rogue (be they character or NPC or critter), I'm implimenting this house rule:

As mentioned in the rulebook, the base chance for a character to spot a sneaking character will still be 8 x Perception, or 5 x Perception in semi-darkness/bad lighting, or 2 x Perception in total darkness.

Once the base chance is worked out for the character/NPC/critter, the sneak then rolls against his/her Sneak Skill, and makes a note of the difference that he/she either beats, or fails, the test. If he/she succeeds on the test, then the difference is applied as a penalty to the opposing character's Perception Test; if the sneak fails, then the difference is applied as a bonus instead.

An example:

Stix has a Perception Characteristic of 7, so his base chance to spot someone sneaking about is 56% in good lighting (8 x 7 = 56), or 35% in partial lighting (5 x 7 = 35), or 14% in total darkness (2 x 7 = 14). If he was inside one of the many caves of the waste with only a makeshift torch to help guide him, and was trying to keep his eyes open for trouble, his base chance would be 35%.

Now, assume that a Raider is trying to sneak up on the group. The Raider has a Sneak skill of 57%; the Team Member rolls and, surprisingly gets a 73 on the d%. Because that's a difference of 16%, Stix gets a +16% bonus to his Perception Test to spot the Raider, bumping his Final Roll Against up to the total of 51%.

Now, had the Raider succeeded on his test by rolling a 33 on the d% -- a difference of 24% -- Stix would have suffered a -24% modifier to his Final Roll Against, dropping his chances of spotting the Raider to a meager 11%.
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PostSubject: Re: House rules   Tue Feb 24, 2009 3:12 pm

I have a GMing question, particular to fallout.

I started playing through fallout 2, and like in fallout 3 it rewards XP for successful application of skills, ie: picking a lock or passing a speech check, as well as the XP for killing enemies. In the book I found no mention of XP for picking a lock or the like.

I know the game and the rulebook aren't meant to be interchangeable, but what is your take on the process of rewarding XP?
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House rules
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