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 Alex Cook

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PostSubject: Alex Cook   Thu May 19, 2011 6:39 pm

* Alex Cook diary log 1 *
I'm getting out of this god damn vault! I've been in trapped in this place for 14 years! People say i'm made, but i'm just mis-understood! i have a plan to get out, but i'm going to need a little helper...

*Alex cook diary log 2 *
I found someone to help me out, but i'm gonna spare the kids name, if people find this. Lets just say their is going to be a riot now, and i'm breaking out in the confusion.

*Alex cook, general info list*
Race: mutation free Caucasian human
Traits: Bloody Mess, sex appeal
S.P.E.C.I.A.L : strength 5, charisma 7, perception 5, agility, 5, luck 6, Intelligence 7
tagged skills : Sneak, steal, speech

* Alex Cook, personal info"
A dangerous and unpredictable boy, he has no problem doing what needs to be done. He goes for the highest bidder, but isn't afraid of taking matters into his own hands. He is a sweet talker, and nearly gets what he wants from the weak willed. He has a obsession with the Wasteland, and will do whatever it takes, even murder to see it. He has one problem though: he has seems to have split personality disorder, the dominate cold, the other one warm.

* Alex cook, inventory list*
Vault 134 jump suit
10mm Worn pistol
5 Stimpaks
butchers kinfe
home made wooden bow and arrows
50 bottle caps
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Alex Cook
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