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 Arkan of the Sundertribe

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PostSubject: Arkan of the Sundertribe   Fri Mar 06, 2009 3:23 pm

Name: Arkan
Gender: Male
Age: In the tweenties


Moving about in his wasteland worn travellers cloth, Arkan dosen't look like much.. Infact he looks well as a tribal would look like, just worse. Starting from the bottom, his feet is packet into something that could look like some leather straps, binded with some old bandages and clothing. He wears old military trousers which sertently has seen much better days. His jacket/cape that almost could go as a tent covers something that might look a little like a leather armor underneath. Arkans face is mostly withdrawn into the shadow of the capes hood, but you can otherwise clearly see the leather clap, which covers his right eye and most of his right face. Over his shoulder a tribal spear with shamantic symbols on is slung with some thing that looks sticky on the blade. Inside his jacket, well hidden, a machete with beautiful markings inscribed along its blade and with a very sharply looking edge.
All in all Arkan outfit looks very old and worn, plus its seems like he has camouflaget his outfit into the nature of the wastes.


Arkan, was one out of four children, chosen amongst the elders in the Sunder-tribe to be the future Sunder-Guardians of the village. At the early age of 14, they were sent out on there first hunt alone in the wastelands. Of the four children, two came back and with there trophies from the hunt.
Mirror was the first of them to come back with her trophy of a Pigrats head. Arkan came back several days later, with a Radscorpions claw over his shoulder and its sting deep buried in his right shoulder.
Arkan only reached the out scourge of the village, when he collapsed. The wound was deep and the poison spreading in the childs body. The elder medicine-man of the tribe only saw one way to safe Arkan.
At late night, he took Arkan out of the village and out in the wastes. No one knows where they went or what he did to the child. But one early morning several days after there departure, the medicine-man came back, with the child walking at his side. The boy had got a weird purple substance on his shoulder and on the right part of his chest. Some years later as Arkan grew, so did the substance which began to look more like a tattoo crawling down his arm and up his neck.
Though Arkan was back and alive his family and the rest of the tribe made him an outsider because of his weird condition and the softly glowing tattoo on him. Some even said that it might be a radioactive waste of some sort or that he simply was marked by evil spirits. And there for Arkan lived more and more in the shadows, covering his body in dirty cloth and eating scraps from the tables. But sometimes he got the opportunity to feast together with the medicine-man, who was the only one in the tribe that cared for Arkan.
When he reached the age of 18, Arkan was a fine and grown up man, but as he had grown, so had the tattoo and one night, he had awoken with the most horrible pain he ever had felt and the next morning, when he had woken from his unconsciousness, he had lost the sight of his right eye.
It was also at this time that the elder counsel agreed that it was time for Mirror and Arkan to make the trial at the nearby temple.

It was a long and hard journey to the temple and when they came to the temples dungeons, Mirror fought to get to the end of the trial before Arkan.
In her flight through the creeps in the dungeon she didn’t notice the trap before her feet and with a loud scream she fell into the darkness of a hole. Arkan, who had been right behind her all the time, rushed to the spot.
After relentlessly calling Mirror’s name into the deep darkness with no reply, Arkan slowly got up making a silent prayer for her spirit and then moved on.
Following the rest of the hallway, into the inner chamber, where the trials goal was kept, was there a little holding pillar in the middle of the room, where the legendary weapon, Cleanser, laid with the tribes shamanic symbols, describing the first guardian of the tribe’s adventures.

After claiming the legendary weapon, Arkan made his way out of the temple and back towards the tribe.
At the last hill top though, his gaze meet a gruesome sight. He should be very thankful that it was night time at that moment, just his lucky day, cause out there he saw the remaining people of his tribe, been slaughtered by those thee elders called “Dark ones”. The explosions shined through the dark and the loud clips of the mini-guns still disturbs Arkan at night together with the endless screams of women and children, caught in the fires.
After some time, which for Arkan felt like ever, the government squad left the ruins and vanished through the sky.
No survivors where left not even the children was spared. Arkan spent many days, digging graves for the villagers and even that wasn’t enough, so he put the rest of the corpses on fire seeing his tribes men slowly bee consumed in the flames.
There after Arkan took what he could of the village’s equipment and weapons and left for the wastes for never come back.

More than two years had passed sense then, and Arkan had lived in the wastes all the time, never nearing any of the other settlements or any other persons.
Waiting for his destiny to unfold...

Hey guys! Sorry for the very long waiting, but I have some problems with the acces to a internet pc right now... But here is half the character for now, I will look into it sometime in this week so we can get some move one in this story Very Happy
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Arkan of the Sundertribe
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