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 Interested PNP Role-Players

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PostSubject: Interested PNP Role-Players   Thu Feb 26, 2009 11:34 am

While this forum seems a bit dead I welcome fellow Fallout fans to join / merge our forums together so that we can work towards a more active and successful PNP online community. I am game developer and web master of the game "Trial By Fire" a pen and paper text based online roleplaying game that I am currently developing with a free to download client for those that get accepted to the closed Beta. I offer that this site be used as a grounds for communicating anything Fallout PNP related, characters, etc. to better the experience for everyone. This website http://falloutonlinerpg.forumotion.net/ shares common goals and interests with my PNP project I have going and I would like to introduce and talk to you guys about it and see what you think.

http://falloutpnprpg.webs.com/ For more information.

Basically I am offering for our two communities to join together, I would like to speak with Hallow more on this if he could reply on this forum, or anyone else interested to reply.
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Interested PNP Role-Players
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